VLC Mac OS X Framework implementation
Google Summer of Code 2007

Last updated march 24, 2007


Write a Cocoa Mac OS X (and possibly GNUStep) Framework that would serve as a foundation to the 2 differents Mac OS X VLC binaries.

Those binaries are the standard VLC.app executable, and the VLC web browser plugin.

This Framework could also be used as a library for other applications that need a video output.

I intend to have this Mac OS X framework's interface to closely match libvlc interface, modifying libvlc if needed.

Expected side effects

VLC Mac OS X Specific:

VLC general:

Why did I choose to work on this project

I believe VLC has to become a killer-app. And I strongly believe my knowledge of the Mac universe could help VLC to become the Mac OS X video player of choice making it a first class citizen in the Mac OS X world.

Revamping the Mac OS X core should help to improve my knowledge in VLC, and feel more comfortable in bringing a good end user experience to VLC Mac OS X Users.


  1. Specification of the framework
  2. Write some sample code that would use the framework, and would serve both as test for the framework and a showcase for third party developers
  3. Implementation of the framework
  4. Make VLC.app and web browser plugin uses the framework

About myself

My name is Pierre d'Herbemont. We are in 2007 and I am 21. I am a first year student in the French engineering school Centrale Paris, which gave birth to VideoLan by the way ;-)

Here is a list of things I have been doing:

2004-2007 Creation of the darwin-user mode for QEMU. Original announcement, qemu-darwin-user Wiki.
2006 Creation of a genetic algorithm to optimize a bayesian filter (school project)
2005 Implementation of a bayesien Spam filter (school project)
2003-2004 Mac OS X QEMU Port. Original announcement
2002-2003 Mac OS X/ppc Wine Port. Original announcement
2002 Make Darwin (Mac OS X kernel) supports the Macintosh 6400. My page about the 6400 & Mac OS X
2001 Worked on Dynamics a fractals visualization program developed by Richard Koch.

I have been working on Wine, QEMU and more recently VLC , of which I am now commit-ter!

Here is my homepage.

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